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1. Submission Deadlines
2. Press Kit Specifications
3. Showcase Procedure
4. Use of Submitted Materials
5. Specific Category Criteria

2010 Ohio Hip Hop Awards & Music Conference Official Rules

1. Submission deadlines – The submission time frame is from July 1st of 2010 until June 30th 2011. Any material recognized as commercially released between those dates will qualify for a nomination in the 2010 Ohio Hip Hop Awards. If your submission is made after July 1st then your submission will qualify for the 2012 awards. Submissions are accepted year round as a way to keep track of artist development and achievements. Submitted material must include the creative works of either an Ohio resident or a native born in Ohio. If the material was released early and created a heavy buzz after July 1st the OHHA board reserves the right to consider the material for nomination the following year.
2. Press Kit Specifications – This year we are taking both physical press kits as well as electronic press kit (EPK’s). The reason we are accepting digital press kits is to make reviewing the material more accessible to our board members. If you find it more suitable to submit an EPK that’s fine, if you feel that you want to make your press kit more presentable in a physical package that is fine as well. Press kits may include but are not limited to; pictures, biographies, discographies, mixtapes, singles, albums, promotional materials, newspaper/magazine articles, links to websites, and contact information. Press kits cannot be returned and become the property of the OHHA. By submitting your press kit you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the rules and terms of the OHHA.

3. Showcase procedure – Each year in June the Ohio Hip Hop Awards & Music Conference hosts a talent showcase in Akron/Kent, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown. Whoever wins in each of these cities (only the TOP 5) get a performance slot on one of the biggest stages for Ohio talent – the main event of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards & Music Conference. In addition they also get an automatic nomination in the “Best Live Performance” category on the official ballot! This is the primary way in which we select who will perform at the main event in September. The runner ups (and the showcase winners who didn’t make the TOP 5) are given stage time the night before the awards at the official pre party.
To register for the competition contact your local Ohio Hip Hop Awards representative or contact our office directly at 216.744.7716 or Registration is limited to 15 acts per city. The registration fee is $150 per city until May 1st, $250 after May 1st. Just because an artist has the fee and wishes to enter does NOT mean they will be accepted – it is not 1st come, 1st serve. Music and/or press kits/EPK’s need to be submitted and approved by the OHHA board well in advance along with a request in writing to be considered for the competition in a particular city or cities. Upon review, the best of the best will be invited to enter the competition. For your registration fee, artists get 20 tickets to the event priced at $10 each – artists can sell these tickets to their fans to come out and support them in the competition, or give them away to family or friends. Registered artists also receive show fliers, a contract agreement for the event, and an official judge’s form detailing what they will be judged on. Each artists gets to perform 1 song up to 5 minutes long judged on: Song creativity, use of original beats, stage presence, appearance, lyrics, flow, sound quality, whether or not they brought promotional materials to the event, use of props, crowd interaction, crowd reaction, and mic control, among others. For more information check the Frequently Asked Questions & Official Rules section at

4. Use of Submitted Material – By submitting your material to the OHHA you grant the OHHA the right to utilize your material for promotional purposes. This usage includes but is not limited to synchronizing materials for television and radio promotions, online promotions, giveaways, and use on OHHA website.
*Any ambiguity as to the interpretation of specific nomination qualifications will be decided at the discretion of the OHHA Board.

5. Specific Category Criteria:

Best Live Venue – This Award is reserved for concert venues that host frequent Hip Hop events. The Best Live Venue must host at least 15 Hip Hop concert events each year to be recognized.
Best Night Club – To be nominated for this award the night club has to promote & host weekly events at the venue. Nominations are based on public opinion of the venue, design, mood, security, service, attendance, and event creativity.
New Artist/Group – The new artist/group category is open to both male and female artists who are releasing their first large scale promotion or album recognized by the OHHA. For example a 35 yr old mc coming out with their first serious project is as eligible as a 16 yr old artist. To qualify the said artist or group needs to have released a widely promoted single, mixtape or album before July 1st. Additionally the Ohio Hip Hop Awards reserves the right to determine who is a new artist. Esteemed artists can join together to make a new group just as an older groups can break off and start solo careers.
Best Media Outlet – This category is open to websites, magazines, or television shows that report on Ohio Hip Hop artists.
Websites created before April 1st 2010 can be nominated. Myspace, facebook, reverbnation, twitter, soundclick, and other social networking sites cannot be nominated. The content of the site must be Ohio Hip Hop related and regularly updated. Send your link to .
Magazines must have printed 4 issues between June 30th 2010 and July 1st 2011. The magazine has to report regularly on Ohio Hip Hop in some form or fashion to be nominated. All issues need to be dated and contain contact information. Physical submissions are necessary for magazines, if you own and promote an online magazine, then submit the link to your online mag as indicated above.
Television Shows can be aired on television or released online. The show must have aired 5 episodes between June 30th 2010 and July 1st 2011. The more well known the program the higher chance it has to be selected. You can submit your show to our office at 1266 w 6th st. suite 203 Cleveland Ohio, 44113 or email a Z-share link to

Best Turntablist – This category is for DJ’s that specialize in the art of battling and scratching. Group nominations are welcome. Footage of live performance, resume of events, and audio files of sets can further a cause for nomination.
Best Graffiti Writer – This award goes to graffiti artists who actively throw up murals in the state. Send in flicks of pieces you have thrown up and contact us at 216.744.7716 or .
Best B-Boy/B-Girl – To be nominated for this category please send in footage of you competing at events. Also please send information on the events you have competed in or performed at.
Best Mixtape of the Year/ Best Mixtape Artist of the Year/Best Mixtape DJ of the Year – Any mixtape released after June 30th 2010 and before July 1st 2011 is eligible for nomination. Mixtapes must have professional cover art on the insert and print on the CD to qualify (No sharpie markers!). Online mixtapes have to be effectively promoted and accepted in the Ohio Hip Hop market. Mixtape nominations are judged on buzz, production, theme, mixing, creativity, and song quality. Mixtapes should be included in the artists press kit that is mailed in to us at 1266 w. 6th st. Cleveland Ohio, 44113 or attached to your EPK that can be emailed to
Video of the Year – The overall quality of the video, visibility, creativity, and song quality is what is considered for nomination. Videos must be over two minutes in length. Submit your video by burning it to DVD and mailing it to 1266 w. 6th street suite 203 Cleveland Ohio 44113 or emailing a downloadable z-share link to
Lyricist of the Year – Lyricists are nominated after review of their material, so it is important to submit your material to the Ohio Hip Hop Awards to get nominated.
Best Retail Spot – Must be headquartered in Ohio and support Ohio artists through sales or promotions. Music stores and clothing stores apply.
Best Clothing Designer – Clothing released and sold by a designer who lives or was born in Ohio. Designer must release and market a minimum of 3 designs during the nomination period to qualify. Samples of your work must be submitted to the OHHA Board for quality inspection.
Promoter of the Year – Promotion companies or individual promoters that consistently promote and host successful parties or concerts can be nominated. Send us information on the events you have thrown or the artists you actively promote for.
Graphic Designer – Ohio based Graphic Design Companies and Freelance Artists must have created three heavily marketed graphic designs within the nomination period. Email us with your graphic art work.
Best Entertainment Group – Has to be an active entertainment group on the scene, headquartered in Ohio with a major release promoted during the nomination period. The group also has to have at least one signed Ohio Hip Hop artist to their roster.
Best Album – Albums released during the nomination period qualify. Albums must be professionally packaged and actively marketed.
Best Artist/Group – Must have a major mixtape, album release, widely promoted single and/or video, or multiple features. Those who have a major presence in the Ohio Hip Hop or entertainment scene. Send in your resume with information on what shows/tours you were on, features released, management info, and contact information along with release.
Producer of the Year – Producers need to have placed either a minimum of 1 track with a major label or have multiple placements with recognized Ohio artists. Send your track placements and samples of work in your press kit.
Model of the Year – This category is open to either male of female models born in or residing in the state of Ohio. Please send a press kit and include comp cards, pictures, and a listing of job placements that were executed during the Qualifying Time Frame (June 30th – July 1st 2011.)
If there are further questions regarding rules or regulations as relates to any particular category, please send an email to or call 216.744.7716.

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