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SAUCE – Graduation (Video)

Posted: June 28, 2015 by BryanJayOHHA in Music video, Songs, Youngstown

Sauce has always been known for making exciting party bangers. His new song “Graduation” is no different! With a confident flow, easy to sing along lyrics and insane production from producer extraordinaire J’al, this may very well be a summer anthem!!

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New Leaks from Shak Diesel’s “Uncensored”

Posted: April 5, 2014 by BryanJayOHHA in Cleveland, Coming Soon, Songs

The homie Shak Diesel (hailing from Cleveland) is working on his new album due this summer entitled “UNCENSORED”. This a follow up to his previous album released in 2013. The 24 year old is dropping two new leaks “Memo” and “Best Friend”, which are covers of Sir Michael Rocks and Pharrell songs of the same name respectively. Expect a lot of good music and a few videos as he continues to promote his new project!

Check out the homie here!

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Youngstown artist/producer/promoter, Don Kody goes off in his new track.

“Local rappers in Youngstown, Ohio was doing their own version of Big Sean & Kendrick’s “Control” whereas they call other mc’s out for a record battle. Well, one foolishly put my name in one of their records so this is basically me ending this young guy AND his “boss” for even attempting what’s really a suicide-by-cop… ain’t have enough courage to end his career, so I did it for him..R.I.P”

Coach Chronic

Posted: June 24, 2013 by Dawn~Razdabar Sound & Management in Article, Dayton, Music video, Songs, Uncategorized
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Gun violence is an epidemic in Dayton, Ohio. Just last week, a woman who was 9 months pregnant was fatally shot in the DeSota Bass housing complex. She was an innocent bystander and was scheduled to deliver her baby the next day. Da’Lyne Foster, 27 years old, was hit in the midsection by a stray bullet. Her full term baby boy was delivered by C-section and remains in the neonatal intensive care unit. It is unknown at this time if he has sustained any brain damage.

Dayton’s murder rate is on par with Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, all of which have a significantly larger population. This past February was one of the most deadly months in Dayton’s history. A string of unrelated murders left 6 people dead in 6 days. One of these incidents involved the shooting of two 13 year old girls, one of which died at the scene. The shooter had only been released from prison months earlier, after serving 18 years for murder.

Dayton hip hop artist Coach Chronic is no stranger to the volatility of the Dayton streets. Born to a single mother and a heroin-addicted father, his early years were spent between 3 of Dayton’s most violent neighborhoods. He began writing rhymes at the age of 9, and hustling at the age of 11. At the age of 16, he released his first album as one third of the group ODC. The project was entitled “G Til They Kill Me” and sold over 5,000 units. Three years later Coach Chronic released his solo album called “Da Certified Hustla” which sold over 10,000 units solely by self distribution. Unfortunately, this title became self fulfilling when Coach Chronic was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison on drug charges. Coach chose to put his time incarcerated to good use, completing his high school education and obtaining other certifications, truly making him “Da Certified Hustla.”

Upon release from prison, Coach Chronic decided to take his life in a different direction. He decided that he would no longer be a part of the game…but would instead coach the players. In 2009 he released “Str8 Out Da Trunk Vol. 1” with DJ Ron Hunter. In 2010 he released the strong 2-disc follow-up with both DJ SKNO and DJ Chaos hosting. His most recent project, Full Court Press, showcases his rugged realism and lyrical ease. Taking his coaching role seriously, the single and video for “Ghost of A Gangsta” moved the city and earned him a nomination from The Ohio Hip Hop Awards for video of the year. As an OG and leader in the city, Coach Chronic continues to share his wisdom and coach the players of the city with his latest single “Knuckle Up.”

“My city is dying because we choose to shoot and kill versus using our knuckles… Put the guns down… And knuckle up!”

~Coach Chronic

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The homie Shak Diesel is back with more clever punchlines and nonchalant lyrics with his new single “Art Gallery”! Augmenting it’s title, the video was shot at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. Tis good to see the homeboi puttin on for the OH! umm, Cleveland… stand up!!

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There is definitely some new talent on the scene! Brandon Paul, 16, along with his very talented team of young artists and producers are making a lot of noise around the ATL. Crafting music far beyond their years, Brandon Paul teams up with up and coming super producer O.G. Flame in their latest collaboration “Stronger” (available for free download).  Gliding over Flame’s hypnotic rhythm, Paul demonstrates his diversity with his uncanny ability to capture everyday emotions and challenges that are rarely explored in rap. While pulling from influences of the greats, Paul effectively uses his tone on top of clever wordplay to craft a sound which is uniquely his own. He is definitely a force to watch out for!! My eyes are peeled …. Um, did I mention that he is only 16?


Brandon Paul’s SoundCloud

O.G. Flame’s SoundCloud


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New project from DJ Swerve featuring some of Cleveland’s hottest hip hop artists. Check it out, original tracks and song collaborations. Something fresh that a lot more DJ’s and producers in Ohio need to start doing.