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French rips it back in the day with a battle in NY! He lookin mad young in this. Dude has bars.


Its back again! After an unexpected and abrupt venue closing, Suave Goddi & Spitboxers returns to Rock City Tap House in Parma. Spitboxing holds the high level freestyle battles and is a great outlet for artists to come and get their music heard. Once it builds its momentum back, It will undoubtedly be the best hip hop night in the city.

The city’s hottest artists go toe-to-toe for $1000

Anonymys presents the monthly Battle of the Best Saturday May 5th at The Mad Frog. This month’s battle will be showcasing artists such as Vincent Vega, Fred Benz, Emari J and others as they compete for $1,000 cash prize. Young Steff will be hosting as Dj Powerhouse controls the turntables. Doors open at 9:30pm. For more information or to compete contact (513) 675-2012 or (513) 279-2012


Christopher George Latore Wallace

Christopher George Latore Wallace aka Biggie Smalls, The Notorious B.I.G. & Big Poppa


14 years ago to this day, argumentatively one of the greatest rappers to ever live…died. Every year on March 9th, hip-hop lovers recite their favorite “Biggie” lines that have resounded through time.

On the 14th anniversary of his death, we’re asking you what Biggie song has a verse that is notorious with you? Or use the trending topic : #IfBiggieWasStillAlive

Leave your ideas as comments on this blog!!!!


D’Meitz from Lyndhurst Ohio has been battling for some time now. I remember him being at spitboxers every week impressing people with his uncanny and witty lines. Now he has officially entered the battle circuit and is working his way up to the top. Check out his battles and follow him on twitter @dmeitz

Hamilton, OH.’s Blayze

Check out Blayze's battle on 106 & Park's Freestyle Fridays

On Friday January 28th, Hamilton, OH.’s Blayze battles Blind Fury on 106 & Park’s Freestyle Fridays. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Blayze vs. Blind Fury

Grind Time Now presents Thesaurus vs Real Deal

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Midwest vs Westcoast