[Sponsored] Don’t Get Your Fingers Stuck in Your Bowling Ball – It Hurts

Posted: March 4, 2014 by essince in Uncategorized

Have you ever got your fingers stuck in your bowling ball? If so two things will immediately spring to mind, in fact scratch that – three things will spring to mind.


1. It hurts – a lot

2. It’s embarrassing – extremely embarrassing depending upon how many people see you but don’t worry it can even happen to the professionals . . . just check it out on YouTube if you don’t believe me!

3. It doesn’t do much for your total . . . in fact it can ruin the whole game (sorry guys, I didn’t mean to throw such a turkey) – it might even take you right down to the pins if you were giving it enough oomph and that’s not cool at all.

There are plenty of horror stories about people who have really got their fingers stuck in a bowling ball – I mean really, not just a little bit jammed when you tried to release the ball but stuck for hours until the emergency services managed to free them – double ouch! One poor woman had to have the bowling ball removed at the hospital with an electric saw and chisel . . . she needed oxygen and everything, there’s no wonder she went into shock, she probably thought that she’d have a couple of fingers missing once the ball had been removed.

Other less serious “finger stuck incidents” have involved things like dislocated thumbs (still incredibly painful, this can ruin your bowling scores for weeks if not months) or just plain pain – people don’t half panic when they know their fingers are stuck in the ball.
So how can you be certain that you won’t get your fingers stuck in a bowling ball in the future – apart from giving up on one of the greatest hobbies alive! The problem with bowling balls is that if you are an occasional bowler and use the balls at the alley then you need to find one with holes which fit your fingers properly, and as you get warmer your fingers do swell up a little and, dare I say it get a little sticky which can result in problems. The only other alternative is to find a ball which has holes which are too big for your fingers and risks dropping the ball on your toes before you are ready to let go.


If you do get your fingers stuck you should try putting a bit of lotion on to free them and one great tip to prevent it from happening in the future is to find a ball with the correct sized holes and to use a little chalk to prevent your fingers from getting sticky.
Going back to the professional incident for just a moment, the guy admits that even now, a full twenty years later he’s still afraid that it might happen again and has experimented with all sorts of different bowling techniques to prevent it from happening in the future. After finding more balls heading for the gutter than the pins he now uses a bowling ball with enormous holes just to be on the safe side.
There’s a great selection of bowling balls and accessories online at http://shop.bowlersparadise.com but do make sure that you have the holes drilled out to the right size on your new ball. There’s also some great bowling bags, bowling shoes, bowling tops . . . in fact they’ve got bowling everything. Why not check it out and see for yourself.



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