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DJ Koolaide out of Cincinnati, Ohio is the true definition of a hip hop supporter. Coming from a musical family, she grew to love the genre at a young age. It wasn’t long before she began mixing samples and producing beats, and shortly thereafter a deejay was born. In 2010, DJ Koolaide joined the nonprofit organization Media Bridges, which later allowed her to create, produce and host the radio show called The World Hip Hop Movement.

The World Hip Hop Movement has given DJ Koolaide the opportunity to share her vision of all the great things that Hip Hop, and music as a whole, is capable of. The Movement’s mission is to unite individuals from different backgrounds and cultures through the universal language of music. At the same time, the movement also strives to give positive and talented independent artists an opportunity for radio play and publicity.

With DJ Koolaide at the helm, The World Hip Hop Movement has aired both well known and up and coming artists from all over the world. DJ Koolaide has acted as a media correspondent and photographer for many diverse events that showcase musical talent, from the World Choir Games to the DJ’s United Conference, Ohio Hip Hop Awards, and shows from national artists such as B.O.B., ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and many more. DJ Koolaide has also brought the World Hip Hop Movement to international forums as well, traveling to Isreal as an ambassador of Hip Hop music.

The World Hip Hop Movement airs every Tuesday at 5pm on Cincinnati’s 95.7 FM and also streams live on

Any artists that would like their music played or would like to be a guest on The World Hip Hop Movement, here’s how….. (taken from

We are happy to provide truly talented individuals an opportunity to get their music played or an interview on the radio.  This is a free opportunity for you and we receive no monetary compensation for the time we spend reviewing everyone’s music as well as implementing it into the show and/or interviews.  Because of this we ask that you help us help you by providing promotion for a show that promotes indie music and indie artists.   Please see below the steps on how to get your music aired on the show.

Step 1

Promote the show for at least 1 week (once per day for 7 days). If you can get 10 or more friends to promote the show, you will only have to promote for 1 day.

 When you do your promotion make sure to include Dj Koolaide’s Name & the website address ( Other things you can include are the show name (World Hip Hop Movement), Station Name (WVQC 95.7 FM), or you can use a picture/logo.


“Tune into Dj Koolaide & the World Hip Hop Movement every Tuesday at 5:00pm on 95.7FM or Watch live u-stream and listen on”

 “Check out the World Hip Hop Movement with Dj Koolaide every Tuesday 5:00pm on 95.7FM (Cincinnati) or Watch and listen live on u-stream on

“If you like hip hop from around the world, go to and check out the featured artists. You can tune in on 95.7FM or on the website every Tuesday at 5:00pm to listen and watch the show.”

 Things you can do to promote the show:

 *Give us a shout out in one of your videos, on facebook, twitter, etc.

*Use our show name, website link or logo on one of your flyers, website, etc.

*Create a flyer for the show;

*Write a song or post a video about the show;

*Use your creativity, as long as it’s promotion, it doesn’t matter the form, just as long as it can be documented;

Step 2

 In one email, send proof of promotion (screen shots, links, videos etc.) along with Radio Edit Mp3s to and along with your contact info: email, phone number, facebook, twitter, song title and artist name.

Step 3

 If we like your music, we will air it… and quite possibly air it on many occasions.  If we REALLY like it; and have the availability in the schedule; we will contact you for an interview.

Other Details


 The preferred sound is upbeat and/or fun or something that is outside the box; something that takes real creativity and bravery to implement it. If it sounds like something else that’s already out there, it will most likely not be aired.  It is also important to make sure the quality of your music submission is good.

 We will not accept music that is not completely original. Please submit music that is entirely original, that you either retain the rights to, or that you have created and produced yourself. Producers work very hard to create their music and you wouldn’t want anyone stealing something that you worked hard to create. In other words, if you use a Jeezy beat, Dre beat, Soundclick beat, etc. on your mixtape to promote yourself, that music will not be aired on the show.

 We are happy to give anyone who has strong talents and abilities the opportunity to put their music out there.

There is no guarantee that any music submitted will be aired on the show.  Keep in mind that we are selective as to what we play on the show and there is a certain sound that we are looking for. If we decide not to air it, that doesn’t mean that the music is not good or even great… it just means that it doesn’t fit the sound that we are looking for this particular show. On the other hand if we do use it, it will most likely be aired on many occasions 🙂

 The types of music that we do not air is music that speaks on glorifying violence, drugs, degrading women, another race or anything too raunchy. Please keep this in mind when you submit music.

 Thank you for considering our show for your music.  We look forward to hearing new and different music!



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