What I Look For in a Press Kit.

Posted: August 28, 2013 by majesticohha in Uncategorized

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Ohiohiphopawards's Blog

What do I look for in a press kit?

By: Derrick “Majestic” McKenzie

This question varies because this is my personal preferences and not all press kits are the same.  Most of the time press kits are so drastically unique it’s difficult to include everything we look for in a press kit. Considering the number of press kits that have come across my desk over the last seven years I figured that I would give you my top five things to look for in a press kit. Even though some of my examples seem outrageous, believe me, I have experienced each of these scenarios. I hope this information helps in your career.

 1. Professionalism.  – If your press kits contains vulgar language then you should consider hiring someone to handle all of your business.  When your press kit comes across any desk, it should be professional and to the point. Also avoid writing…

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