Out of Town: Don Son “I Ain’t Hollywood I’m South Beach”

Posted: July 19, 2013 by essince in Music, Out of Town

don son - south beach

I know the site is mostly about OH acts but every once in a while we feature someone from out of town in a “hot or not” section. Can they compete with the talent we have in the Buckeye state? I felt this would be interesting because of the audio he used in the intro…from “the decision”…so now that northeast Ohio is upset let me share his song and see what the people think.

Don Son [@DonSon_SKDJR] tells us all he “ain’t from Hollywood he’s South Beach.” I think the beat is ok but his delivery is too laid back for a more energetic track like this. A few times he felt off to me (like Diddy in the “coming home” track).

But what’s the verdict, Ohio? Should he keep his talents in South Beach or does he have what it takes to win championships?


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