Police Called To Chevy Woods Show in Cleveland

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Chevy Woods of Taylor Gang was in Cleveland this past Saturday 4/27 for a show. That same day I did an interview for Elite Radio (S/O to hosts, Cream & Zima and the guys Buk Troy & Veeno who were also guests) and heard chatter of the show. I had a party to go to at the Renaissance downtown so I couldn’t make it. 😦

Well, over the weekend the buzz for the show went crazy. There were some great opening acts (Da Kreek of Youngstown & 216’s Draft Pick were two) that had people talking but there was a little bit of drama that plagued what could have been a good show.

There are so many stories that it’s hard to know exactly what happened. Some say that the show was shut down and nobody performed but there are other stories saying that the show went on and it was a good night. I reached out to a couple of artists who were slated to perform and couldn’t get an official comment so I have to go on what the streets are saying ALLEGEDLY happened.

DTown of Da Kreek posted on his Facebook page that they went on around 11 pm and their performance was amazing. Draft Pick had a totally different experience. Here’s what he had to say via Fb:

Mitchy scammened a bunch of out of towers into paying a bunch of money to perform at a show that wasn’t even his show to begin with, then shit hit the fan a bunch of people threatened his life along with the REAL promoters lives who didn’t have a clue what he had done, 10 cops came shut shit down for like an hour before they escorted Mitch, the REAL promoters paid all the money back to the out of towners out of their own pockets & the one had to call his mother & wake her up at 1 am to bring down a check to cover the rest of the money owed to Chevy because of it, then Chevy came out performed for 10 mins & left after acting like a straight asshole… You were given 2 slots to fill NOT 8 & you didnt even pay for those slots… I know because I was booked as the ONLY artist to co headline with Chevy & I only agreed to do the show if there was no more than 6 artists TOTAL on the line up & because of your “artists” you not only fucked up Chevys money but you fucked up my money as well & I didnt get to perform because of it thats pretty bad business for somebody that had limited responsibility to begin with…

“Mitchy” is a concert promoter who has built up quite a rep for himself as being janky. He has his supporters, but for the most part the word is not to trust this guy. After reading the comments of Draft Pick he responded by simply saying “That’s a lie.” He then went on to give his side of the story:

I WAS CO PROMOTER . I BOOKED 8 artists from pitt. the promoters werent putting my artists on… Heres the reality. Tim miktuk had $650 from me. I had additional $350 on me. All they had to do was use 80 – 90 minutes of stage time. Aaron Walker was being a dick to my artists and excited them…..they werent running show right and fell behind schedule. they were putting presedence over my pitt artists. and allowing locals perform for free and for 30 mins. my pitt ppl got excited and almost lit me tim and aaron up

This info was posted on a public Facebook thread so several other people chimed with mixed reviews. Most called Mitchy a liar. One concert goer said that she attended the show with people that knew Chevy and the Taylor Gang camp. She explained that the show was shut down but they came in after everything was up and running again so she didn’t have a bad time at the show. Mitchy wasn’t phased at all and says that he will continue his career as a concert promoter.

What did Chevy Woods have to say about all this? He tweeted two sentences the night of the show:

Pure Ratchet I’m on they road back mane

Wake up niggaz ….. Make sure ya business is straight!!!!

So the headlining act himself hinted at some ratchetness and bad business happening. If all of the allegations made are true then shame on Mitchy. If not I hope he gets his name cleared. If you’re reading this, Mitchy hit me up so we can do an interview. I’ll give you the platform to set the record straight…

  1. Nice post! I was thinking of interviewing him as well! Lol!

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