93.1 FM’s Robyn Simone Loses Father

Posted: April 24, 2013 by reallyrashida in Uncategorized
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I want to send my deepest condolences to Robyn Simone, radion personality on Cleveland’s own 93.1 FM. Her father passed today (4/24/13) and she lost her mom just eight months ago.  Robyn took to Facebook to let everyone know she was in good spirits. Check out the post:

“If I didn’t think I’d end up in a straight jacket/jail I’d run down the street, knock on every door and tell everybody how GOOD God is!! I never thought I would feel this much peace… My father died today and watching him go confirmed to me how real God is, not that I ever doubted Him, but it re-confirmed what I already knew. You’d think after loosing my mom 8 months ago I’d be a wreck but it’s the complete opposite, the peace I feel is unexplainable! I can honestly say I didn’t waste any of our last moments together and I got a chance to tell him I loved him and of course my dad had to out do me by saying ‘I think I love you too much’….This post may be silly to some but I wanted not only to share but to give a lil advice. Never waste a moment because you never know if it will be your last! Love u dad!”

Great advice. I love how positive she is during such a tough time. Prayers to you and your family, Robyn…


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