C. Jay Dinero – MGM Grand Mixtape @CJayDinero_YFGM @DjSuspence

Posted: March 11, 2013 by majesticohha in Cincinnati, Mixtape
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C. Jay Dinero – MGM GRAND Hosted By Dj Suspence

Download Link:


Track Listing:

01. C. Jay Dinero – MGM Grand (Intro) [Prod. By Komron Beats]
02. C. Jay Dinero – Illuminati [Prod. By Komron Beats]
03. C. Jay Dinero – Green Lights (Go!) [Prod. By Young Sity]
04. C. Jay Dinero – Hold Up! (Feat. Referee) [Prod. By Komron Beats]
05. C. Jay Dinero – She Like It (Feat. Banna Mane & Mookie Motonio) [Prod. By Cardo]
06. C. Jay Dinero – Clicquot & Rozay [Prod. By Vybe Beatz]
07. C. Jay Dinero – Dear Summer [Prod. By Cardo]
08. C. Jay Dinero – Lights On (Feat. Tracy) [Prod. By Young Sity]
09. C. Jay Dinero – O.M.S. [Prod. By Komron Beats]
10. C. Jay Dinero – Stackin Season [Prod. By Vybe Beatz & Superstar O]
11. C. Jay Dinero – Teddy P [Prod. By Komron Beats]
12. C. Jay Dinero – Magic (Feat. Shayla Hill) [Prod. By Elementree Dave]
13. C. Jay Dinero – Day N Night [Prod. By Stunnamfbaby]
14. C. Jay Dinero – G Shit Remix (Feat. Torch & G Malone) [Prod. By Chinaboy Beatz & Djay Cas]
15. C. Jay Dinero – God Body (Feat. Stedic) [Prod. By Komron Beats]

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