Niro “City on Lock” [video]

Posted: March 6, 2012 by essince in Dayton, Music video

Niro has definitely been doing his thing. Check his video “City on Lock”.

  1. John archers says:

    GREAT MUSIC!!! I can honestly say I didn’t think my hometown of Dayton, Ohio or Ohio period had such talent!! #SALUTE

  2. Tyrone Wills says:

    This go so hard, and its from the city of Dayton, Ohio…much respect

  3. Sharon Faulkner says:

    I really like this artist he has a fresh sound that’s a pleasure to hear. It’s real!!! I love it!!! And he is representing the Gem city!!! A true diamond in the ruff!!!

  4. Dee Lee says:

    The best Dayton has ever seen!!!

  5. Briyuan Smith says:

    The best ARTIST out of the GemCity! I love it!! Style, swag, real, and a destined story to tell! A true star in the making!!!

  6. LASEAN LYES says:


  7. Meco says:

    Much love brah brah rapp game on lock right now

  8. Kyara says:

    Love it!! My city has a lot of talent don’t sleep on us!! #respect

  9. The best rapper in dayton, ohio you put it down im really touch by your reallness cant get no better than you much love homie.

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