Nerve Djs Winter Industry Mixer Recap

Posted: January 31, 2012 by essince in Events, Video

BIG up to OG DJ Johnny O & Big Heff for presenting the 2012 Nerve DJs Winter Industry Mixer at Earth Night club in Cleveland.

The video above starts off with Big Heff responding to a question asked by a participant…and if you look to the right of the lovely Tropikana [z107.9] you’ll see yours truly, @Essince. lol

I’m posting a few more pictures from the night and will update when I see more. Big up to OG Owey (PA), Trigg da Kidd (Detroit), the people from NY & WV who came out along with FAME magazine, WUGR, Benzo and the artists who wanted to learn and show off their skills.

  1. […] Owey from the PA came through to the Nerve DJs Winter Mixer the other day and did his thing. He sent me this video and it’s pretty nuts. […]

  2. […] met Trigg & the T.O.M.G crew at the Nerve Djs Winter Mixer last week in Cleveland and definitely did his thing (pretty sure they through out enough cash to […]

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