J WiKKiD “My Hometown” feat ASHER [video]

Posted: January 31, 2012 by essince in Music video

Piqua’s own, J Wikkid drops his new video “My Hometown” with Asher.

What do you think?

  1. matt says:

    Very good song, very good video these boys are indeed holding it down for their hometown

  2. ashley casey says:

    Ok this group has it, something that represents love of yo average white trash crazy ghetto axe swinging kids, feelz that love for yo city shit, keep that underground shit popin, one love ninjas

  3. OHHAFan says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha if this kid get nominated lord help us all. Please don’t ruin a good track like Hometown. Cmon OHHA!

    • J WiKKiD says:

      LOL… congrats on being the first hater.. maybe our music isnt YOUR taste in particular, but we do have some loyal ass fans out there.. not because we make the usual music you’d hear on the blog… but because we make our own music.. i honestly hate being called rap, or hip hop… because i dont make music for people to go out and party to.. NOT ONE of my songs are about gettin drunk, makin money, or gettin “hoes”… So before you come on here and hate, although i do appreciate the opinion, you should show some kind of respect, because we’re doing somethin different… and thats on the real…

      j wikkid

  4. Lil Foot says:

    i think its great, should get a nominee for sure. .)

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