“Hit Or Diss?” Roun Nis by Paperboy

Posted: January 30, 2012 by reallyrashida in Holy Hip Hop, Massillon

I am extremely excited to be reviewing Paperboy’s single “Roun Nis”. It’s my first taste of some holy hip hop. In the song, Paperboy is showing people that just because he raps about the love of God doesn’t mean that he can’t spit. I was pleasantly surprised by this track. Paperboy is from Massillon. (Shoutout Cy Harp!) He was originally in a group but God called him to serve another purpose so he went solo. In “Roun Nis” Paperboy really did show me that he is talented as a lyricist even without the gangsta image that is required of the average rap artist. Click the Play button below to listen to “Roun Nis”.

I give it 3 out of 5.

What do you think? Hit or diss?

  1. Denise Roberson says:

    Sooooo Proud of you SON!!! Continue to keep God first and serve him without
    compromise !!!!!

    Love Always, YOUR MOTHER

  2. paperboy330 says:

    What up OHH!!
    Great Review! I appreciate the love.. I’m glad I communicated the things I was trying to & Thankful I was your first fast of Rap!..some of us weren’t that lucky to hear some great artists first. Lol.. But we have a lot of heat in the industry now!! Especially in Ohio!!
    But yeah man, appreciate the review on my art.
    Look forward to Working with you!!

    Roun nis is on the Mixtape titled: Not a Play on Money Hosted by Dj Free.. It can be searched & downloaded on Holyculture.net
    Or 4-14-12 you can download the Mixtape in a Tracked out format @ http://www.papboymusic.com
    Follow me @papboytweet
    Download my new single “check ya hands” @ vibedeck.com/Holywood
    Subscribe to YouTube.com/papboymusic
    & yes, shout out to Cy-Harp. “I love his Grind.#respectit”

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