FHSP – Tatts On Tatts

Posted: August 24, 2011 by essince in Video

Check this remix for “racks on racks’ by FHSP, “Tatts on Tatts”.

I told my mom I won’t get anymore but I appreciate the tattoo culture. lol. Enjoy the video.

F.H.S.P. was founded in 2005, the group consists of two artists, Kaine & J-Woody. They are from Columbus, Oh and are very well known around the Columbus night scene mainly for their catchy lyrics, very energetic stage performance, their attitudes, and their tattoos. F.H.S.P. has a fairly large fan base that continually grows with each show they have. They have released artist J-Woody’s solo album entitled “Untamed to this game”, a mixtape “Swagg10: The Inuaguration” as well as Columbus Ohios 1st ever documented 24 hour mixtape which was written, recorded, and released in less than 24 hours fittingly titled “all in a day’s work” F.H.S.P. is certainly an up and coming hip hop group in Columbus, Ohio that brings much to the table as they attempt to make their mark in mid west hip hop winning every competition to date they have been apart of (7-0) including 2011 Columbus Ohio cypher battle winners and of course 2011 OHHA Columbus Showcase winners earning them a bid in the “Best Live Performance” category as well as nabbing a unanimous nomination to be apart of the “Best New Group” category. Rising to the occasion with every show F.H.S.P. now attempts to show the rest of Ohio that the Columbus music scene is as capable of producing solid talent as good as any city.


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