New Artist Spotlight Angelica Lee

Posted: May 19, 2011 by LaLee in Columbus, Mixtape, Music
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My goal is to be one with the music.  I just dedicate my whole life to this art.
Jimi Hendrix

Angelica was born in Columbus to two artists. Her father was a musician and songwriter, he could make a guitar sound like a gift from angels. Her mother a writer, painter, vocalist and these traits found there way into Angelica’s genes she had no choice. As a baby even 2 three months old in her bassinet she would hum songs and when she cried it was never quiet you could hear the power up to the third floor but her father peaked in on her, smiled and said “This girl is going to be a singer.”
As a child/teenager Angelica’s environment was filled with many sounds. Her beginning in the church with a family full of musicians and vocalists was her first training grounds. Later she began to experiment with listening to different types of music learning to love artists from the great Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin to Coldplay to The Sound of Music Soundtrack you never knew what to expect and like a sponge she studied constantly taking what she loved from each genre and making her own sound.
After working with a couple of bands in Columbus Angelica was inducted into one of her favorite groups L.E.S (Living Energy System) and with them she began to grow. They became a family. Angelica has worked with the likes of Blueprint, Dj Drastic Ohio, The Push Bravo and is currently in the works of compilating her own sound in the form of a mixtape and later this year a solo album while still making music and touring with L.E.S.

Check her out on Facebook, Twitter or at


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