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Posted: April 21, 2011 by twoqueenz in Cincinnati, Mixtape, Songs
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Kandid McFly

Sometimes I request music on Twitter hoping to get something worth blogging. Usually my inbox is flooded with music from artist who swear they are next in Ohio, but on this particular night I only received one email. I clicked on the email praying that Kandid McFly had something to offer. And then I began to read. The email was simple, but enough to make me curious.

After reading the email I clicked on the link and began listening to Kandid McFly’s latest project “The Opening Act.”  I was hooked. Kandid McFly and 8 Attack (engineer and producer) came together and paired poetry and production perfectly. I had to know more. I started to research Kandid McFly and I could not believe that I had not heard his music before. I decided to ask Kandid a few questions so that I could get to know him a little better.  This is how he answered.

First I wanted to know the moment in his life when he knew that music was what he wanted. He responded, “When I made money selling my 1st mixtape, “Fresh on Kanpus,” I knew I could make a career out of it.” After the release of this mixtape Kandid had Cincinnati buzzing. Before he knew it he was opening for T.I., Hi-Tek, Gucci, and various other artists.

My next question was who inspires you in the business and why?  He answered, “Artist like Kid Cudi, Chip, MGK, etc. because I’m from where they’re from basically and I’m just as talented. Seeing them get to the level they’re at shows me that it’s also possible for me. Then once I get to their level then I’ll strive to reach the artists who are above them. You have to set small goals to reach larger goals.”

I asked Kandid if he had the option to choose any producer to work with, whom would he choose and why? He said he would choose He said, “I like his sound and I know together we can come up with something epic!”

And finally I wanted to know what Kandid’s favorite part about making music? He said, “Getting feedback from fans.  When people say I inspire them, motivate them or something like that it’s always a dope feeling.”

Kandid McFly’s “The Opening Act” is more than worth the download. Below I have selected two songs from “The Opening Act” for you to listen to. When you get finished you can click on the link and listen and download the entire project via


Sweet Thoughts

The Opening Act

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  1. mc fly is that dude.. 513 stand up!

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