“3rd Person Rap Part 2” B_Lo

Posted: March 24, 2011 by twoqueenz in Cleveland, Mixtape, Music
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This week Cleveland artist, B_Lo,  dropped his follow up mixtape,“3rd Person Rap Part 2.”  Vikaden and Mizzery Jones of Artificial Intelligents  Music Group, Terry Flynt, Spark, and Pheens all produced tracks on this project. On “3rd Person Rap Part 2” B_Lo collaborated with several artist including Caine and Mz. Crazy Tee.  B_Lo delivered a solid project which is the prelude to an album. When I asked B_Lo what inspired this project he said, “What inspired me to make “3rd person rap” was the different styles of hip hop and rap. I think my mixtape is very versatile and the game needs that.” Click the link and don’t forget to check out “Principals of Leadership”, “Running Backwards”, and “Feeling You” all dope tracks!   http://t.co/bVc6Z


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