Krayzie Bone and Big Heff Are Looking For Ohio Artists For Upcoming Compilation Album

Posted: March 23, 2011 by lolamack in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Lorain, Toledo, Video, Youngstown
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Krayzie Bone & Big Heff are looking for Ohio artists to be featured on his compilation album titled “Cleveland is the City”, it will be a 2 volume compilation. Vol 1. will feature HipHop artists & producers and Vol 2. will feature the R&B/Pop artists. If you think you have talent that should be heard check out the details below and submit your music to:

I just want to let it be known to the city of Cleveland that I am currently working on a project/compilation album with Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor, that will be aimed at shedding more light onto the Cleveland music scene. The project entitled, “Cleveland is the city Vol.1,” will be the first of two Vol’s. Vol.1 will feature the hottest rap artist & producers out of Cleveland, and Vol.2 will showcase the hottest R&B/Pop acts from the city. This will be a huge opportunity for up and coming artist to showcase their talents on a nationwide scale. What I’m looking to accomplish with these albums, is to try to bring all these artist together, not just from Cleveland, but the entire state of Ohio! Honestly, I feel that this is long overdue. It’s so much young, fresh talent in the Cleveland that it’s a must we be heard. It took me awhile to really gain the knowledge and wisdom that I needed to make this happen. Now the time has come to use my connections, and my 18 years of experience in the music industry to make this happen. If we all come together, stand firm, and support each other, I believe this movement could be as strong as the LA, Mia, Atl, and NY music movements. So Cleveland, Ohio and the rest of Ohio, Its time to stand up and claim our place in music history! Krayzie Bone!!!

Please Submit Music to:

  1. The glitch says:

    As I went through music I was happy to come across The Glitch. Ms. Fortune, Julian Thomas, Yada Yada, and Falease Sophae are four emcee’s out of Toledo who collectively form The Glitch. The Glitch is out to prove that lyricism can still win the masses. Follow The Glitch on twitter, @theglitchnyou, for new music and also support their reverbnation page,

  2. Essonya says:

    I agree we need more voices like yours in this industry. People need to work together and good results will come from it.

  3. this is a really cool thing. ill be checkin to see what happens.

  4. FHSP says:

    wussup everyone, ceeck out our reverbnation. we actually are one of the 4 artists that won a slot on the krayzie bone tape. see the vid of the performance on our facebook

    thanks everyone

  5. ELDOGG says:

    Woah. Sweet. Wish I was down in Ohio. I would try for dat.
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