Copywrite The Life and Times

Posted: February 24, 2011 by LaLee in Columbus, Mixtape, Music, Music video, Video
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Copywrite, who has been a busy man these days, is currently touring with Planet Asia over in Australia.  Copywrite just dropped an album, The Life and Times of Peter Nelson, where he took experiences of his life to a lyrical platform. The album will provide Einstein rhymes and has already been hailed as one of his greatest. This is not a return to the platform he is no stranger to the mic but we will save that for another date.

His Junior Album following previous albums, The High Exhaulted (2002) Re-Release (June 1st 2010) and Ultrasound: The Rebirth EP (2009), The Life and Times of Peter Nelson has already gotten National Buzz receiving an XL in XXL Magazine and is already working on the new upcoming MHz album.

The Life and Times of Peter Nelson is available at

Mixtape  titled “Hell & Back: Caught on Audio Cassette mixed by DJ Drastic Ohio, to inquire about getting one e-mail which I will personally recommended you can find this at

Upcoming Projects

MHz Album (Camu Tao, Copywrite, Jakki Da Motamouth, Tage Future & RJD2) and yes Camu Tao is on it. It wouldn’t be a Mhz album without him RIP.  Featuring other artist TBA.

Tour with Planet Asia Life & Times

Australian Tour 2011 Feb 22-March 6.

West Coast tour begins March 22 nd – April 6th along with DJ Drastic Ohio, another Ohio Hip Hop Award winner (Turntablist of The Year).

Follow Copywrite at:


2/27/2011 Congrats Copywrite on being the #2 best seller for “Hell and Back”

(Mixed By: DJ Drastic Ohio)
feat. Crooked I, Dom, Ill Burnz Green, Planet Asia, Tage Future:


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