JR the Star – “Schedule 1ne” 09 Producer of the Year.

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Name: Jr_The_Star
Location: Orlando/Dayton/Atlanta
Contact/Booking Info:Jrexclusivebeatz@gmail.com / J.LeeManagement@gmail.com / 937-604-2464

What made you want to become a producer?
JR: Before I was a producer, I was a rapper, a really bad rapper that nobody wanted to give beats to so I figured I could make my own beats and rap to them but somewhere in the process I started to focus more on production.

Who was your first major placement?
JR: My first major artist placement was a song Stack Bundles( r.i.p) did called “Mr.Bakerman” , but my most known placement that people can directly identify my sound by is Lil Wayne-Beat Without Bass, and it was when Lil Wayne was the biggest artist in the game so over night I went from your average producer in my mom’s basement, already having small placements, to not doing tracks for under 5k.

How does it feel to win producer of the year?JR: Anytime you get recognition for your art it feels great, but this one in particular felt even better because it [was] from home, it was from my people, and it was very unexpected. When they announced I won I was at Louis Vuitton shopping so I never got to give my acceptance speech but I plan on giving the same one when we I win my first Grammy.


Which local artists do you work with, and which ones would you want to work with. JR: Right now my inbox is full of artist management requesting music from MGK, Chip, GTC, Corey Bapes, there is a long list of people I’m working with right now.

Got any projects your working on now?JR: I’m working with Travis Porter, I have 2 records on Jeezy’s TM103 project, and even more crazy this year I got a placement/song writing credit with Jagged Edge which is legendary , at least to me.

Top 3 artists who you think will make it out of OhioJR: It’s hard to say, too many good artists, anyone could go at any time so it’s hard to just name three.

Equipment usedJR: I won’t disclose that info, its top secret military-grade info……..But really I use two pencils, a pot and a few garden tools.

Who is your favorite producer?JR: Ènnio Morricone …… Google him

Which major artists have you produced for?JR: Lil Wayne, Stack Bundles, Travis Porter, Juelz Santana, Yung Berg, Lil Boosie, Jha Jha, Cam’ron, Jagged Edge & Many More.

I see that you are rapping in your new music video, are you more of a producer or a rapper?JR: I’m just an over-all artist, I rap to get a feeling across that won’t come with just beats, I sing, arrange spoken word, just everything with the arts, I’m apart of it, but I guess I’ll always consider myself a producer.

What do you think the Ohio Hip Hop Scene lacks?JR: Most people think it’s something tangible like venues, media outlets, to me it’s not any of those things. I think the music scene lacks enough people who have passion to be better artist and to be taken more seriously for their craft. Not enough people come out to the award show events, not enough people support other artist at there shows, not enough want to put their money back into their careers, so I think it lacks enough passionate artist who want to be better.

How did you get your first major placement?JR: By always having my music with me and by speaking to people about it and one day I spoke to the right person.

Any tips for upcoming producers?JR: To just stay focused and be original, so that when your time comes you’re ready……. There’s no such thing as luck, only preparation meeting opportunity.

Download JR The Star – “Schedule 1ne”

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