D-Mitch x Mezzy x Ellz “OHIO”

Posted: January 28, 2011 by essince in Music video
  1. Le'Nar Mitchell says:

    All i can say is, HOT!!!! OHIO STAND UP!!!

  2. PRYNCESS E says:


  3. MarieBaby:) says:

    Hot song an hot video!!!

  4. skeeter says:


  5. IamMusic says:

    This a winner, O.H. stand up

  6. ZMackie says:

    Bangin! Middletown where dat? Now I know..Keep doing ya thing homies..

  7. Alright! Cool man! Glad the video is getting more momentum.

  8. MidWestking says:

    ish go hard!! “no homo”

  9. Kram says:

    THIS DOOOOOPE! OH10 lets get it!

  10. aahmes1 says:

    i made an account. How do i vote?

  11. demetrius says:

    chyeahhh hope we make it thank you to er one who commented………O H I O LETSSS GOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. ohiomusic says:

    this is for reall dope stufff….. i cnt stop watchn this who is ever doin votn this need to be a WINNNER HANDS DOWN

  13. 513kings says:

    dope………deff got my votes

  14. jessica21 says:

    omg i love thiss……finally someone reppn ohio the right way

  15. joseph says:

    ……….wer can i download this

  16. *kristy;-) says:

    Thiis iis hot,,ii wont thiis song!!:-) iis thiis on itunes

  17. buckshot says:

    hooooooot!!! rep fa da O.H!!! BAaaaBy

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