Willie Nelson Arrested. Snoop Barks at the Cops.

Posted: December 7, 2010 by majesticohha in Article, Out of Town

Willie Nelson

Artist Willie Nelson was arrested on Nov. 27th for possession of Marijuana in Texas. Willie was traveling from California over the Thanksgiving holiday to his ranch in Austin Texas when he got pulled over. This isnt the first run in with the law for Nelson who is 77 years old is a prominent pro Marijuana legalization advocate.

In 2006 Nelson and four others were arrested when police searched and seized nearly 1.5 pounds of marijuana and 3 ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms off the tour bus. Nelson and his manager served 6 months probation and paid a moderate fine of $1,024 each.

When asked about the incident Nelson stated “Both bus drivers were over fifty years old,” Nelson said at the time. “The other guys were 60 years old. My sister is 75, I’m 73, so it’s like they busted an old folks home.”

Well to make this hip hop related, the big homie Snoop Dogg goes on record to defend is smoking buddy Nelson. “”They better leave willie the f**k alone why are the f**king with willie nelson,” Snoop Dogg told TMZ. “Sometimes y’all need to back up off certain people and have a certain amount of respect for your elders. he’s somebody who lived through many decades of the music business, and hard times. give him that respect. ”

Snoop later remarked

“”If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me,” Snoop said. “I got a weed license so you can’t take me to jail for smoking weed. Matter of fact, I got some on me right now,” Snoop said, before lighting up.”

It seems like Willie has been through it all, big tours, pounds of green, court fines, smokin wit snoop. Currently facing a 180 day stint at age 77 makes him more credible than most hip hop artists! Maybe him and Wiz can get on a track together.


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