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Yep, men prepare to be jealous of me again as I am able to interview yet another beautiful, BEAUTIFUL woman, this time by the name of Audrey (shout out to Cy Harp for introducing us).

Check her our and what she has to say and, men, try not to stand behind anyone when you read this.

In the illustrious words of Will Smith from an episode of the Fresh Prince whose title escapes me now, “Do the words ‘boi-oiii-oiiing’ mean anything to you?”



(after the interview go to the Royal Heir Ent. blog for more pictures

Age: 23
Height: 5’2″
Location: Rochester, NY
Industry: FirstGlanceOnline Model
Measurements: you gotta see it to believe it HA!
Shoe: 7
Hobbies: Photography, modeling, music, sports, art, fashion

Essince: Hey, Audrey. How’ve you been?

Audrey: I have been doing well, as long as I have a fruit & yogurt parfait, I’m always fine!

Essince: What initially got you interested in modeling? I understand you did some work when you were younger but what kept you interested, besides being gorgeous that is.

Audrey: Thank you! You’re cute, too! But, since I was a child, I could always remember wanting to be the center of attention. I loved to get all dressed up in somebody’s heels and take pictures. My aunts were models and I looked up to them. They put me in fashion shows at age 6 and I loved it. Walking the runway and having my picture taken was better than playing outside to me. I loved every minute of it! I have always had a love for fashion and magazines. Just seeing how style in general always evolves kept me wanting to be involved in it and be a model.

Essince: I understand you used to play soccer as a kid, what do you do to stay in shape? Do you still play any sports?

Audrey: Yes, I still play indoor soccer from time to time. I also play outdoor during the summer, when I can. It gives me an excuse to run into people and hurt them without getting in trouble for it, “Playful assault” lol. I run at a local college near my house. I also just started working with a personal trainer. This way I’ll be on a schedule and learn from my work outs as appose to just doing what I think I should. Walking the mall is not exercise!

Essince: I guess I should go back to the gym then if mall walking doesn’t count. But anyway, I’m so glad to hear you’re a painter, too as I’m an artist, myself. What type of art of you do?

Audrey: Nude stuff, just nude everything pretty much. Just kidding! [Editor’s note…extreme disappointment] I like to paint a lot of still life. I just think it’s interesting to look at something and paint exactly what you see. Painting abstract is also fun. And none of my stuff ever comes out the same. I could paint to same thing 5 times and each one will look different from the last.

Essince: Do you have any aspirations to pursue a career in art?

Audrey: In high school I stayed in art class. I was a real nerd I guess. I skipped gym class, study hall, and little classes like that to be in art class working on anything I could. I have always wanted to sell my paintings and see them up on somebody’s wall being admired by many. I think one day, I’ll just open up my own art studio and be a nude model for the public. “The best of both worlds.” They can paint me, I can still model, and see myself up everywhere! lol

Essince: Is there any place to check some of your paintings online or do you mostly keep those to yourself for expressions?

Audrey: I keep all my work to myself. I have given some of my work to my family members. I am going to wait until 40 years from now when I open my own gallery and show all my work at once. By then, my art work will look crazy cause of how old it is and that’s why it will sell. Vintage! lol

Essince: What are some of your goals? Personally and with your modeling career?

Audrey: My goal is to do it all! I want to model, act, paint, do promotions, advertising, design, style; the list goes on and on. I want to always be a model. My main goal is to inspire people in a positive way, and to go about this career the right way. I want to teach young females that there are many ways to be successful in this business and you don’t have to sleep around, get naked or sell yourself short to get there! Which a lot of people do, unfortunately.

Essince: Amen to that…to not having to be naked to succeed…not the selling yourself part. Thanks for you time, Audrey! Any last comments, shout outs, or phone numbers you’d like to give out?

Audrey: I want to say thanks to you, of course. I want everyone to check out my YouTube channel and Facebook. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter as well! And I won’t give out any numbers, that could be a problem. I can barely handle the nonsense I get on facebook lol I want to give a shout out to my managers Reggie and Stacey Warren, Ohio’s own Mr. Cy Harp, my right hand Janae Nicole, my amazing stylist Miss Elaine, and all my friends and family. If I start saying names and leave one out someone may put a hit out on me so I’ll keep it short and sweet! But I could make a list of who I DON’T want to give a shout out to! HA. Just kidding. Stay True. “LOVE LOVE~”

For More pictures go to the Royal Heir Ent. blog

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