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Posted: April 19, 2010 by essince in Uncategorized

I was able to catch up with Amp Teez of Billfold Entertainment and catch up with him on everything they’re up to.


Essince: First of all, let us know your name and where are you from.

Amp: Amp Teez born and raised in Cincinnati.

Essince: What all does Billfold Ent. do? What services does it offer?

Amp: Billfold Entertainment is a full service record label based in Cincinnati, Oh. Billfold Entertainment Inc. was founded by Owner/Ceo/Artist Anthony “Amp Teez” Thatcher. Billfold Entertainment Inc. specializes in sales, marketing, promotion’s, product management, with a network in all genre’s of music but a focus on Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B artist. With Amp Teez imaginative mind, he is able to create innovative music and sounds. With Billfold Entertainment Inc.’s Midwest success, Amp Teez and staff then expanded the company, with signing its first official signature group, a compilation of labels artist being represented under the name of Billfold Music (BMG), as well as opening its subsidary company’s Frenzy Beats Productions and CD Productions (owned by Courtdate). With its distinctive talent and impeccable sounds, courtesy of outside producers as well, Billfold Entertainment Inc. is sure to add a much needed buzz not only in the midwest but nationwide.

Essince: I understand that after a loss like you sufferer with the loss of a member in Cory Bradley (R.I.P.) that you said after some time off you came more focused with new goals. What new goals does Billfold Ent have? What can we expect from Billfold Ent in 2010?

Amp: To plan more strategicly in any event to meet dealines. To advertise in ways not being used. To market to our target audience alot stronger than last year, not only in the midwest but on a national level. In 2010 you can expect Billfold Ent to be digging deep into its contacts to open and in some cases kicking down doors for new levels and oportunity to arise.

Essince: How many artists do you have?

Amp: 4; Amp Teez, Courtdate (CD Productions & Entertainment) and Barburyns (Axe Gang Entertainment)

E: Can you stress the importance of having a whole team to work with you? Why include all those services? Why not just have artists and let other people or companies do the rest? Why is it important to keep it in house?

A: Its very important to have a team. A 1 man band just cannot do it all. You’ll have a head full of greys before you know it. I think its good to have these services in house to not only have a closer look at whats going on but to build a broad stroke of record business and to also be able to offer these services to other buisness’s. Even though we have these services in house, we also jump outside the box with outside coporations. If you wanna be an effective record label, artist, promoter, whatever, YOU CANT DO IT ALL. So I say at least know these aspects of the business if you do deal with artist letting outside companies do the rest.

E: What projects are you working on now?

A: Right now we are currently promoting and advertising Billfold Entertainment’s latest release, titled “FACES”, by BMG, Mixed by Dj Dizzle, currently in all digital download stores and in the streets heavy. Also currently working on new music for my solo project dated for August 2010

E: Any plans to expand beyond music or beyond hip hop?

A: Yes we plan on working wit our affiliates more to feed each other’s business by creating events that communities can get invovled in. And me personally, I’m going to join The African American Chamber Of Commerce to play my part in helping and getting help in increasing business opportunities.

E: Any final shout outs or links you want to include?

A: Yea I wanna give shouts out the whole Ohio hip hop awards camp. Shouts out to Cleveland period. Shouts out to Cincinnati for holding us down. Shoutouts to all my affiliates, JJones Entertainment, Salon Essentials, Missy & Jack, Shawn D Photography, Axe Gang Entertainment holding it down ina cleveland area.

Thanks, Amp!

Check more of Billfold at:

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